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“I have experience of kundalini practices from both the perspective of the ancient traditional Yogic approach and Reiki TUMMO™. I practiced kundalini from an ancient yogic approach for over 15 years, and that included 3 years in Nepal and India. After Reiki TUMMO™ Level 2 attunement that lasted less than 30 minutes, I can really feel my Kundalini awakened safely and instantly.

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Ed Rubenstein PhD- Psychologist – USA

“Reiki TUMMO has profoundly changed my life. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it gave me the inner strength to dissolve my worst fears. Unlike other Reiki systems that I have taken, the prayers and the practices are truly a blessed gift. I will always be grateful to Master Irman and, of course, Beloved Divine Source, for all the Blessings that I have received.”

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Eileen Hoffmaster – Reiki Master and Healer – USA

“Before I found and start practicing Open Heart Meditation™,  I had practiced many different meditation techniques, been guided by angels, spent weeks in silence, and changed my life situation over and over again: single, married, celibate monk, homeowner. As I write this, it has been four years since I first learned to feel my heart.  I could fill one hundred pages, one thousand pages, with one word: “gratitude.”

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Diana Stone, Ph.D – Psychologist – USA

“After I thought about the effects and the benefits that could be gained, I prayed asking for the Creator’s blessings and protection, and then attended the open heart workshops. Here, my heart discovered, “This is what I have been looking for.” No words can describe the deep longing I have for True Source, in times of spiritual devotion as well as in my daily life.  I am now more loving towards others and simply more patient.” 

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Sugeng, S.Ag, – Religious Teacher – Indonesia

“Reiki TUMMO™ came into my life at just the right moment. I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but once I felt the peace, happiness and energy and also realized the possibility of helping my family to heal, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. My whole family and I have benefited greatly from the divine energy I now channel. It’s wonderful to be able to help others and at the same time to be at a point of complete serenity and really open our hearts, to be able to smile and surrender ourselves to the Love of our Creator.”

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Alicia Ciuffi – Architect – Argentina

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