Experience the Joy

As you know, we use the term “True Source” to refer to the Source of our true self; however, please feel free to use the terminology that you are familiar and comfortable that refers to the Creator, the Divine.

After doing Open Heart Meditation, you will feel peaceful, sleep better, and wake up fresh in the morning. If you don’t have enough time to do this meditation twice a day, doing it routinely will also give you benefits when practiced continuously for several days. You will feel more peaceful, and lighter in your daily life.

If you feel pressure on your chest during or after the prayer- or experience any other kind of emotional or physical reaction, such as laughing, crying, coughing or soreness – this is a good sign: As the Open Heart Meditation is really a prayer asking for True Source’s Blessing to remove negativities from our heart, those pressures and emotions are actually the cleansing being done by the Blessing, pushing out negativities.

When you experience any pressures or emotional releases while praying, don’t follow the negativities as they leave your body.

All you need to do is relax and surrender more, and you will feel lighter.

Let us now prepare our heart and ourselves for Open Heart Meditation..

  1. Find a peaceful, quiet place to do this meditation, where you won’t be distracted or interrupted.
  2.  Sit down and relax, keeping your spine straight without tensing yourself
  3.  Place both palms on your lap, with your palms facing upward.
  4.  Close your eyes so that your brain is not active.
  5.  Relax and smile… To do this Open Heart Meditation the best way, let your whole self be here and now completely.
  6.  While relaxing and smiling, inhale deeply without forcing yourself, and then exhale through your mouth… Let all the burdens on your mind be expelled as you exhale. Feel and enjoy this moment when your thoughts are be- coming more relaxed, as you continue to smile freely.
  7.  Inhale deeply, and exhale through your mouth, letting all the tension in your body be removed as you exhale. Feel your whole body as it becomes more relaxed. Enjoy moments like this when your whole self is relaxed, and let yourself smile even more freely.
  8.  Inhale deeply, and exhale through the mouth, allowing all remaining thoughts and tension in your body to be removed.
  9.  Your body and mind are now very relaxed.
  10.  Smile, enjoying this moment when you are completely relaxed, body and mind.
  11.  From now on, breathe normally, inhaling and exhaling from the nose.
  12. Now, place your fingers or one or both palms on the center of your chest where your heart is located, and smile to your heart. Do not think or try to find the exact location of your heart; just smile freely, while listening to the instructions.
  13.  Keep on smiling freely to your heart, with all of your feeling. Realize that you are becoming calmer. Enjoy, while continuing to smile… This is the moment when you are letting your heart become stronger.
  14. Keeping your fingers or palm(s) on your chest while smiling freely to your heart and enjoying the calmness from your heart, let us now pray for True Source’s Blessing, asking that the emotions in our heart be cleansed, so that our heart can open even more to True Source.
  15. While praying, do not repeat the prayer lines. For the best, simply let your heart pray:
    True Source… Please bless our heart, so that all arrogance is replaced with Your Blessings.

    True Source… Please bless our heart, so that all anger 
    is replaced with Your Blessings.

    True Source… Please bless our heart, so that all 
    selfishness is replaced with Your Blessings.

    True Source…,Please bless our heart, so that all envy 
    and jealousy are replaced with Your Blessings.

    True Source… Please bless our heart, so that all cunningness and
     greediness are replaced with Your Blessings.

    True Source… Please help us to realize that our heart 
    is the key to our connection to You… That we must keep our heart clean, because our connection to You is the most important thing… Please bless and help us to forgive others, sincerely….
  16. Now, for one minute, forgive those who have done you wrong, even if they are still hurting you. Remember that your connection to True Source is the most important thing.
    True Source, by forgiving those who have done us wrong, please bless our heart so that all hatred, grudges, resentment, dissatisfaction, and all other negative emotions are removed from our heart, to be replaced with Your Blessings.
    True Source… Please bless and help us to realize all of our mistakes to You, and to others. Help us so we can regret them, and ask for forgiveness sincerely…
  17. Now, for one minute, realize all of our mistakes to True Source and to others…. Regret them and ask for forgiveness.
    True Source, please forgive all of our mistakes to You and to others…Having been forgiven, let all burdens, fear, worries, and all other negative emotions caused by those mistakes be cleansed from our whole heart and our whole self to be replaced with Your Blessings.
    True Source, please bless our heart, so all worries and fears caused by the lack of trust in You be cleansed and replaced with Your Blessings.
    True Source… With the negative emotions removed from our heart, please bless our heart to open better to You, and to also be directed even better to You… Let Your Blessings flow more abundantly into our heart, so our feeling becomes stronger, so we can feel the calmness, the peace, and the beauty of Your Blessings even better.True Source, let Your Blessings to fill our whole heart and our whole self, so that our whole heart and our whole self are filled with calmness and peace… So we can rely more on Your Blessings… So we are always within our heart, and within Your Blessings…True Source, Thank You for Your Love that has removed the negative emotions from our heart and our whole self.Thank You for opening and directing our heart even better to You, so that our whole heart and our whole self are filled with Your Blessings even more… So we can feel and enjoy the calmness, the peace, and the beauty of Your Blessings even better.Thank You, True Source… Amen.
  18. Keeping one or both of your palms on your chest while smiling, feel that your heart and your whole self are becoming even lighter…enjoy. Stay within this peace and calmness. This is the moment when you are within your heart. Keep on smiling and enjoying.
  19. While smiling and enjoying, let yourself be pulled even deeper into the peace and calmness of the Blessings, and dissolve even more within this peace and calmness… Feel… The more dissolved you are in this peace and calmness, the lighter and the more beautiful your feeling is. Enjoy…
  20. Continuing to smile while enjoying the peace, the calmness, and the beauty of True Source’s Love, slowly move your fingers, and open your eyes with a happy smile.
  21. Live your daily life staying within your heart within the peace and the calmness from True Source’s Blessings.

The above steps can be experienced more beautifully  by listenning to the beautiful Open Heart Meditation™ audio CD that you can purchase from iTunes or CDBaby. More info can be found here.