Alumni Testimonials

Below you can find some testimonials as personal experiences of Padmacahaya alumni after taking and practicing Reiki TUMMO™ and or Open Heart workshops. Most of them have taken both Reiki TUMMO™ and Open Heart workshops as decribed in our YOGA Curriculum. We invite you to use your heart, while relaxed and smiling joyfully, in reading below testimonials slowly, so not only your human consciousness can learn something but your heart can also experience the joy and the truth of their heart sharing as our hearts do love the beauty and the truth of the heart sharing.

Reading about others’ experiences will hopefully help you to see how wonderful it is to finally move beyond simply knowing what your heart can do for you, to enjoying moments when you are really using your heart.

As many alumni contributes to these testimonials, we try to group the testimonials into 4 groups as below: